Working Mechanism of the System

In the traditional perspective of biochemistry and cellular biology, in line with Newtonian physics, a material world understanding dominated, with a focus on mechanical reality. The body was seen as a machine working according to physics and chemistry rules.

However, we are now in an age where the neural activity in the brain can be read through the change in the magnetic field outside the body. Thanks to the developing quantum physics, the idea that what is essential now is the intelligent energy field around the body rather than matter, is accepted. There are experiments showing that information transfer is happening in such ways, which cannot be explained with the Newtonian model.

SCIO is a high-tech biofeedback device that determines the frequency imbalances in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical plane with its sensitive measurement system and balances them in both physical and quantum fields.

It covers Eastern and Western energetic healing methods with its holistic approach, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, NLP, color therapy, reflexology and many different therapy screens.

The SCIO system provides about 12,000 different informations in terms of frequency and measures the person's response, classifies and interprets according to the levels of these reactions. Informations that the body reacts to higher than standard, indicate acute stress areas, and informations that the body reacts to very low, indicate the areas of chronic stress. Noticing stress factors, disease-causing patterns, emotions that weaken the immune system, trauma ages, and then raising awareness in these areas, neutralizing this information, in other words, erasing it from the energy field, resolving the blockages that block the body's natural energy flow, activates the self-healing energy of the body.

SCIO unlocks the body's potential for self-healing by reducing mental, mental, emotional and physical stress.

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