SCIO Advanced Training - Addiction


Whether smoking or sugary foods or chocolate, the way to get rid of all addictions is to control emotional causes, to strengthen the will against these substances, to change dependent behavior patterns, stress management, removing energy blockages and removing the body from toxins.

In this training, SCIO users are taught how to perform all these steps with SCIO quantum biofeedback therapy.

DURATION : This training is given in 2 ways, either 2-days seminar with min.10 participants or 2-hours online one-on-one training via Skype.
  • What is addiction?
  • Basic approaches and what can be done with SCIO,
  • Eliminate emotional factors
  • To prepare the physical conditions,
  • Energy balancing systems to support the body while getting rid of addictions,
  • Protocol to be applied with SCIO