İrem Şentürk


İrem Senturk graduated German High School in Istanbul and ITU Electronics and Communication Engineering Department's Medical Electronics branch. She worked as a senior manager for many years in operations, purchasing, imports, logistics, first in consumer electronics and then in pharmaceutical industry.

She met homeopathy in 2003 and SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device in 2010.

After leaving her corporate life, she devoted all her time to work with SCIO device. In addition to stress counseling with SCIO, she managed the sales, marketing, training and technical support of the device.

She organized homeopathy trainings in Istanbul, Izmir and India and translated the seminars of Indian, American and Slovak homeopathy lecturers.

In 2013 she successfully completed the Electroneuroanatomy, Electrophysiology, Bioresonance and SCIO graduate certificate program held at Viktor Babes University.

In addition to her bioresonance training, she attended Reiki, Reading Akashic Records, Access The Bars, Imei Qigong, Theta Healing, ODM, NLP Practitioner, Recall Healing, Regression Therapy, Touch for Health trainings.

She attended many SCIO seminars abroad both as aparticipant as well as an instructor.

She provided many SCIO users with basic and advanced trainings.