Dr. H. Gökhan Şentürk


He specializes in homeopathy and bioresonance. Gokhan Senturk is a medical doctor who is specialised in homeopathy, bioresonance, ozone therapy and acupuncture. He has been applying a holistic medical approach in his private practice since 2009.

Since 2010, he is the distributor and representative of Scio International S.r.l. (Romania).

He is a graduate of Ankara Deneme High School. After graduating from Istanbul Medical Faculty, he did his compulsory service in Antakya between 1987-1988; worked in SSK Goztepe Hospital Neurosurgery and Coronary Intensive Care Units between 1990-1998. Between 1996-1998, he attended I.U.DETAM master program and worked on free oxygen radicals. From 2002 to 2007 he worked in Eczacibasi-Baxter as medical manager in BU's of Anesthesia, Intensive Care, Oncology and Nutrition, and gave medical training to many pharmaceutical companies. He has been treating his patients in his private practice since 2009.


Dr. Gokhan Senturkk came across to homeopathy in 1997 in Germany. While following the publications on this subject, he also took private lessons from a homeopath from Athens. He studied classical homeopathy at Vithoulkas International Homeopathic Academy between 2004-2007. He studied Conscious Hypnosis at Yeditepe University in 2005. In 2010 and 2011 he participated in Holistic Psychotherapy trainings given by Tahır Ozakkas at the Psychotherapy Institute. In 2012 he completed the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Therapy certificate program organized by Victor Babesh Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania.