SCIO Advanced Training - Detox


In daily life, we are all exposed to toxicity. These toxins are very effective on our health and cause many problems from diseases to obesity. Purification of the body from toxins is critical to eliminate healing barriers of the body.

In this training, detox programs, detox mechanisms in the body, applications of SCIO quantum biofeedback therapy for detox purposes and protocols are taught.

Slimming Program with SCIO; We recommend that those who want to receive the course for Weightloss with SCIO, that they first attend Detox training with SCIO.

DURATION : This training is given in 2 ways, either 2-days seminar with min.10 participants or 2-hours online one-on-one training via Skype.
  • Toxicity sources,
  • Detox organs and mechanisms,
  • Homotoxicology,
  • Side effects of detox,
  • Things to do before and after the detox,
  • Nutrition during detox,
  • Digestive system detox,
  • Liver detox,
  • Detox of the kidneys,
  • Detox programs with SCIO quantum biofeedback,
  • Detox protocols.