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Our company has been working as distributor of SCIO International Srl. Since 2010 and providing promotional marketing, sales and technical services.


We organize training seminars to expand the use of the devices within the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback family and to increase the effectiveness of the users.

The training process of people who purchase a SCIO Pro or Theta starts with the three-day basic training of the device. After this training, there are advanced trainings in which users can participate according to their interests or application areas.

We promote SCIO with our stands at various congresses and events. We take place as a speaker in the international education organizations of SCIO International SRL.

Istanbul Natural Body, Mental and Mental Health Festival, Ankara Awakening Festival, Journey to Consciousness Festival, WFAS Acupuncture Congress, SCIO Conferences held in Romania, Italy, Argentina and Poland are examples of these events, which we attended to widen the the SCIO users' family.

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